Emerging Adults

David Gamble heads up the work amongst our Emerging Adults using a variety of groups and get-togethers.
For more information contact David Gamble on:
m: 07889262822 or email: dpcgamble@icloud.com

The Forum

Meets on Wednesday (fortnightly) starting at 7:30pm providing Bible study, prayer and chat for ages 18-22


Meets on the last Thursday of each month. Starts at 8:00pm and takes the form of a Cafe outreach event for ages 18-35


Meets on Thursdays (fortnightly ) starting at 7:30pm and provides Bible study for those exploring Christianity as well as a range of other social events throughout the year.

Casual Cafe

Meets on  Tuesdays (weekly) from 9:00am-1:00pm providing "casual cafe" space for ages 18-35. A great space to have coffee, to read, write, relax and chat.

To Love Christ & Make Him Known
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